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Wicca Radio beaming out love, magick and music around the planet.



I'm Gordon Thomas Drury. I have wanted to do a project such as this for some time now and it is progressing far better than I had anticipated. I have vast experience in radio but I don’t think this sort of concept has been attempted before. This has been designed as a concept that will evolve. I see it being a radio station that is run by you, but guided and encouraged by my team and I. Speech programming will begin in Winter 2014.

Wicca radio is currently broadcasting test transmissions. We would really like you to use the forums. Currently seeking discussionable subjects such as, 'the quote that changed my life', 'quote for a good life', the best Wicca remedy that you have tried of any sort, what is your experience of magic spells?

You can also visit us on Facebook at which as of December 2013 has reached over 15,720,000 people and the page is hosting over 190,000 unique hits a week. You can also keep up with us on Twitter @magickontheair.

The format will be a talk/music station. The subjects will be environmental, ecological, Wicca and spiritual which I feel is a good blend. We are seeking contributions from the listener. You will be able to ring in and speak on air eventually but in the initial stages record a message or give information, ask a question or make a statement. It will be truly interactive.

Should you not feel confident enough to speak or leave a message then Email us and we will read it out on your behalf.

We intend to broadcast 24 hours around the clock so whether you are in New Zealand or Canada, South Africa or Hong Kong, the South Seas or the Arctic, the USA or the China Republic you will have a way of being heard.

We have an idea, we expect it to evolve. We reserve the right to edit and decide what can be published on air, mainly for legal reasons but we will give your message as much meaning as you have.

Watch out for the development of the Wiccan manual very soon.